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Culture Handbook

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Chapter 5: Our Guiding Principles


Guiding principles aren’t values. They are intended to give direction and orientation to our daily work. Their implications are very practical and immediate. They may impact how we structure our organization, implement processes, behave towards a customer, solve a conflict, communicate, set salaries, etc.

To be honest, we just wanted one guiding principle: ‘Do what is right’. However, we understand that this may be a bit unspecific and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. What is right for you, isn’t necessarily right for someone else.

Then we thought about just saying : ‘Do what is in the best interest of the company’. While we think that is a bit clearer, it’s not clear enough. Therefore, we came up with a list of principles that we believe are critical to build an entrepreneurial culture. A work environment that gives a lot of trust and freedom, and in which people can take responsibility and thrive at their own pace.