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Culture Handbook Humans are at the core

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 3: Humans are at the core


Businesses don’t interact with businesses. Instead, people interact with people. People decide to buy or leave products or services. They use or consume them. They get joyous, frustrated, excited or annoyed. At the core, businesses exist to improve people’s lives.

That’s why, at PIRATE, we put the human at the core of everything we do. Our entire organization is built around people, and we value them more than processes or procedures. People aren’t simply resources nor machines that merely “function”. They aren’t just users, a support ticket, newsletter churn, or a rounding error in a KPI either. We deeply acknowledge that everybody is on their own journey. The people we serve, work, and partner with have expectations, dreams, needs, desires, fears, etc.

At the heart of every human interaction lies the potential for connection. Every connection holds the possibility to form a relationship. Relationships are deeply human. That’s what we treasure. As such – in everything we do – we are actively building long-term relationships instead of optimizing for short-term transactions. With our customers, partners, and colleagues, recognizing that these connections are the bedrock of our success.

PIRATE is “playing” an infinite game. One that doesn’t have an end nor a destination. We play it to stay in the game. That long-term view changes how we act in the world. When we think long-term we optimize for win-win, we care deeply, we go the extra mile today even if we don’t have to, we spark intrinsic instead of extrinsic motivation etc.

Everybody that works at PIRATE is part of the PIRATE family and culture. As such, you are PIRATE. In every interaction with our clients and business partners, as well as with our colleagues. Think long-term and treat everybody as a human.

At the core of human motivation lie three fundamental drivers: purpose, autonomy, and mastery.  At PIRATE, we are dedicated to creating a workplace that fosters all three, recognizing that they are essential to the growth, happiness, and wellbeing of our team members. But most importantly: We treat people that work with us as adults. We firmly believe that providing a culture of trust and mutual respect empowers our team members to take ownership of their own decisions, actions, and successes.

By offering a workplace that values autonomy and personal responsibility, we are able to create an environment where individuals can thrive and reach their full potential.  We are dedicated to creating a workplace that is not only productive and efficient, but also deeply human and fulfilling.