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Culture Handbook Achieve more with less.

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 5.13: Our Guiding Principles

Achieve more with less.

Constraints and limitations force us outside our comfort zone. They breed creativity, resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. As such, growing our headcount or increasing our budget isn’t a goal and shouldn’t be celebrated.

Having no boundaries at all is not freedom. When you have too many options, it is challenging to start or find out what you should do. Abundance has a paralyzing effect. In the end, it can hold us back from creating, starting or any form of doing.

Constraints and restrictions on the other hand are immensely powerful and can even have a liberating effect. Free from optionality and distractions. They force us to think outside the box, focus our attention, and let us decide swiftly. Essentially, they help us move forward.

Therefore, we gladly set ourselves constraints. What if the marketing budget was zero? What if we only had one day to build this? What to consider if we only had 10 minutes to come to a decision? These types of questions can help us to think in an innovative, and fresh direction. Most often, they also help us to achieve something better with less.