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Culture Handbook Our Mission

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 2: Our Mission


Our overall mission is to make business more human. What we often forget is that running a business intrinsically requires human skills.  We do this by enabling entrepreneurs and promoting entrepreneurship. Our commitment to humanizing business is reflected not only in PIRATE companies – many of the services and products we build serve entrepreneurs – but also deeply rooted in our culture.

Entrepreneurs – at their core – are problem solvers and solution shapers. They understand that life is a possibility – or, use with a better known business term: life is a possibility – and they make the most of it. They don’t accept the status quo. Instead, they strive to improve their environment, the products, processes, interactions and themselves. At PIRATE, we share this drive for change and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

We believe in entrepreneurship because we see that the world around us is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. These forces bring change and, thus, also a lot more problems to solve. We deeply believe that entrepreneurship can be a driving force to create a better world for everyone, by keeping in mind the importance of humanizing our actions. Also, an entrepreneurial mindset helps to navigate this world. Instead of risk we see opportunities, instead of fear we have trust, instead of relying on others to fix what is broken we take action. We empower individuals to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that enables them to take action, identify opportunities, and overcome fear to make a difference.

At their core, people want to contribute, and our aim is to fuel that curiosity and excitement in individuals. We help them believe in themselves to realize their potential and enable them to embrace change. We inspire them to create value and strive for making a positive impact.

We don’t define impact as the size of the audience we reach. Instead, meaning comes more from mattering to a few than from being known by many.