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Culture Handbook Results count. Process matters.

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 1: Our Guiding Principles

Results count. Process matters.

The key to productivity isn’t habits or hacks. It’s motivation. When you find your work fulfilling and exciting, you will naturally be drawn to it. When it has a real impact on those around you, you become driven to persist until you finish.

Monitoring people is a poor substitute for motivating them. Productivity is not the volume of output. It’s the value of output. Especially in the knowledge industry, there’s a big difference between working long hours and doing worthwhile work. We focus on the value people create, not the hours they work.

Consequently, we need to measure the value of our output to be able to manage it. Everybody should know what success for their work looks like. This means defining the end goal. ‘What are your main KPIs?’ is a question everybody should be able to answer. These KPIs should be measurable and constantly monitored. They are the guidance on which to decide on the next steps to be taken.

While we strive to achieve great results, it matters how we reach them. We won’t compromise our values on the way there. Also, satisfying work is about enjoying the process of work. Pride in the result is not a substitute for joy in creating it.