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Give Give Give Ask

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 4.3: We ARRR

Give Give Give Ask

We built PIRATE to create an impact in the world. Purpose over profit. That doesn’t mean we don’t like profit. We do. We just believe that profit isn’t a goal in itself. It’s a necessary prerequisite for us that allows us to pursue our purpose.

Generosity is not only a wonderful virtue, the act of giving feels wonderful to the giver. To understand why we value it so highly, it is worthwhile to look at our roots. We were born out of the startup ecosystem, which has a strong pay-it-forward culture. That’s one of the main reasons why we love it so much.

If you work at PIRATE, we expect you to respect that culture and actively promote it. The first intent when meeting someone should always be: “What can I do for you?” That same standard applies when interacting with colleagues, customers, partners, and just about anybody.

Being generous is surprising someone with goodwill and requesting nothing in return. It may be time, attention, or fortune. We give what we’re expected to, and then some. We might make an introduction even if we don’t benefit directly. We might say ‘yes’ even if the customer expected a ‘no’. If the request is reasonable, grant it. Sometimes saying no is the right thing. That’s okay too. Don’t feel guilty about it.

We refuse to believe in a win-lose world. When negotiating a partnership or any other deal, we strive for the 49:51 rule. It means that we always strive to give a bit more than the other side. Negotiation is not a duel to win. It’s a puzzle to solve together. We care about both results and relationships. It makes for an excellent way to maintain a healthy partnership. On top of that, it feels good.

Being a giver doesn’t mean refusing to seek or accept help. You don’t have to be on the other end of every interaction. Instead, you can receive in a spirit of generosity: Be thoughtful when you ask, grateful for what you receive, and happy to pay-it-forward.