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Culture Handbook Machines are great assistants.

Culture Handbook


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Chapter 5.11: Our Guiding Principles

Machines are great assistants.

We often find ourselves doing the same tasks weekly or even daily. It’s mundane and repetitive, but it’s also important. Many repeat tasks can be performed better and more efficiently by machines. Therefore, if something is done manually more than 2–3 times, we look for ways to automate it. It not only makes work efficient, it makes it more enjoyable and meaningful as well. On top of that, it improves reliability and removes human error.

Automation can mean simple things like getting a notification in Slack when a new order comes in, or to consolidate data hourly from several sources and present it in a dashboard. But it can also be more complex: Automating steps in your bookkeeping when certain conditions are met, building a complex communication flow around a free ebook, etc.

From your own productivity to company processes, a lot of things can and should be automated. And the most convenient thing: Most of the time there is no need to involve an engineer. As the NoCode movement and AI tools are growing fast, it is pushing automation tools to the mainstream. Tools are getting so simple that literally everybody can use them. Do it.