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Culture Handbook Information should be available to everyone by default.

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 5.5: Our Guiding Principles

Information should be available to everyone by default.

Access to relevant information is important in order to act fast and decide well. Therefore, sharing information is vital. At PIRATE, we don’t hoard and guard information. This would only create silos. Sharing instead creates a friendly, open, and helping environment. It enables others to take informed decisions and will lead to better results for the business in the end.

This could imply for example that all documents created are available to everyone by default, performance KPIs are available transparently, Slack channels are open for everyone to join, etc. At times, it also makes sense to share information outside PIRATE. For example, we will gladly share our knowledge and insights.

There might be information that shouldn’t be shared. Sometimes because it is not yet ready to be communicated, sometimes because it is sensitive. Often we don’t want to share because of fear. Fear because we are not comfortable with the message, fear because we want to avoid conflict. It’s never easy to bring bad news. Especially, if we are at fault. View it as a learning opportunity for the whole organization. Be transparent and let’s all do better next time.