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Culture Handbook

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Chapter 4.4: We ARRR


Ok, this one needs a bit of context. PIRATE Summit is held at Odonien, an outdoor venue right next to fairly busy rail tracks. Trains pass by every few minutes, and they can be very loud. At the first PIRATE Summit, speakers couldn’t be heard well when a train passed, so everybody in the audience started to shout a loud ARRR. It established itself quickly as a ritual among PIRATEs. By now, the PIRATE Summit ‘ARRR’ is well known in the startup community around Europe.

The ‘ARRR’ is a signal for those who participated in PIRATE Summit. For many, it’s a sign of unity and belonging. A code shared by entrepreneurs on their journey. For us, it stands for even more: A curious, independent and at times rebellious view of the world. A world with endless possibilities that we can and will actively create and shape.

When we socialize in the startup community or speak at startup conferences and show ourselves as part of PIRATE, it might very well be that we’ll be greeted with a random ‘ARRR’ by someone. It’s humbling but should also fill us with joy as it’s a sign that we are making an impact.