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Culture Handbook Working backwards from the customer’s needs.

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 5.3: Our Guiding Principles

Working backwards from the customer’s needs.

The north star of our daily work is to earn and keep our customer’s trust. That’s why we always start with the customer and her needs and work backwards from there. We do this because we know that continuously delighting the customer might be our best competitive advantage in the long-run.

That implies two things that aren’t always as obvious as they seem: Firstly, that we know who the customer is and secondly, that we understand what the customer is looking for. Customers usually – but not always – are the ones that pay for the product or services. In order to understand the customer’s needs, we need to listen and observe attentively. Be careful, though, often what customers say they want does not match what they actually need.

Customers sign up for our product or book our services because they trust that we will solve a problem they have. In order to keep and increase that trust and solve the problem, we must manage expectations well. The old saying of ‘under promising and over delivering’ is a good rule to aim for in each customer interaction.