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Culture Handbook Work is not a place or time, it’s something you do.

Culture Handbook


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Chapter 5.9: Our Guiding Principles

Work is not a place or time, it’s something you do.

Some people like to work in the office, while others prefer to work from home. Some might sit at the beach in Guatemala, while some like to spend their mornings at their favorite café. Be where you are needed. Often that doesn’t have to be in a certain place. At PIRATE, we don’t mind where you work as long as you communicate well and do your work, i.e. deliver the outcomes you are accountable for.

Similarly, some people do better work in the mornings, while others are night owls. Some have to attend to their kids in the afternoon, some have obligations on Monday mornings. That’s life. At PIRATE, we intend to create a work environment that takes into account the human factor. Work shouldn’t make your life harder. At best, both should integrate well. In a balanced way.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to show up. There will be times that require our presence. Be it for a meeting, supporting a client, doing a workshop, or spending time at a company off-site. While we default to showing up remotely, we acknowledge that it is not always possible to do so.