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Culture Handbook Anyone can always instigate change.

Culture Handbook

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Chapter 5.6: Our Guiding Principles

Anyone can always instigate change.

PIRATE benefits when people speak up. That’s why we encourage independent thought and original thinking. We continuously need to challenge our own status quo. Are we working on the right things? Is this still the right process? Should we communicate this way?

We constantly need fresh ideas and new perspectives. New hires and people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints are usually the most suitable to challenge us. Status and experience are no longer an indicator of being right or knowing best. This is especially true in an uncertain and volatile environment.

Contributions from everyone are appreciated. And we should listen carefully. Having said that, we do things our way. We don’t look to our competitors for the way forward, nor to popular opinions or hypes. Our north star is always the customer. However, when we see fundamental long-term trends in the market, we embrace and not fight them as we would probably be fighting the future.