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    • November 6th: 5. SZ-Fachkonferenz – Die CFO-Agenda, Cologne – Robbie/Meike are participating
    • November 8th: DWNRW-Summit, Düsseldorf – Till will be participating
    • November 13-14th: EXECinsurtech, Cologne – the whole team will be there
    • November 13-14th: Digital Leaders by World Economic Forum & Estonian Government, Tallinn – Till will be speaking
    • November 22-24th: SME Assembly 2017, Tallinn – Till will be participating
    • November 26th: Startup Sprint, Dusseldorf – Till will join as jury member
    • November 27th-28th: Digital Freedom Festival, Riga
    • November 30th-December 1st: Slush, Helsinki
    • September 4th-8th: Startup SAFARI Cologne, Cologne – you can meet the whole team
    • September 5th: Startup Ecosystem Summit, Cologne
    • September 6th-7th: PIRATE Summit, Cologne – you can meet the whole team
      • Manuel speaks about “Mickey Mouse vs. Terminator or Getting Real about AI”
      • Manuel does a clinic about “Organizational Challenges”
      • Ben and Manuel have a clinic about “Ecosystem Challenges”
      • Robbie is moderating a panel about “The State of Insurtech”
    • September 13th: OMClub, Cologne – the whole team will be there to party
    • September 26th: Angel Island, Amsterdam – Manuel will participate in the Dating Game as an Angel Investor
    • September 27th-28th: Startup SAFARI Frankfurt – Ben and Lisa are attending
    • July 12th: Berlin.AI – Manuel facilitates
    • July 12th-13th: TOA, Berlin – Manuel attends 
    • June 2nd: PIRATES on a boat, San Francisco – Till was hosting
    • June 8th: RIOT, Berlin – the whole team was there
    • June 22nd: IAMTOMORROW, Barcelona – Till was speaking
    • May 4th: The Royal Jungle, Munich – Till was moderating a panel with Till Faida (EYEO/AdblockPlus) and André Schwämmlein (Flixbus)
    • May 10th: Cube Tech Fair, Berlin – Manuel attends
    • May 11th: Rise of AI, Berlin – Manuel attends
    • May 17th-18th: The Next web, Amsterdam – Manuel attends
    • May 23rd: World Economic Forum Office Opening, San Francisco – Till was moderating a panel with former President of Estonia & Mayor of SF
    • April 5-6th: EXEC, Berlin – The whole crew attends
    • April 12th:, Paris – Till speaks
    • April 20th-21th: Startup SAFARI Budapest, Budapest – Manuel attends
    • April 21st: Startup Sesame, Venice – Till attends
    • March 1st: Balderton Meetup, Berlin – Manuel attends
    • March 2nd: OMR, Hamburg – Manuel, Helen and Vivian attend
    • March 2nd: OMClub, Hamburg – The whole crew attends
    • March 6h: Startup and Corporate Partnership in Retail, Düsseldorf – Manuel attends
    • March 7-8th: AXIS Innovation, Tel Aviv – Till was speaking
    • March 11-12th: SXSW, Austin – Till was there
    • February 10th: TechChill, Riga – Till was speaking

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